Best Place To Conduct Minor Service Of Ball Screw Repair

The industries ball screw repair always becomes the first option to make the better condition of this machine. When the ball screw is going to be certain small damage or irregularity of the performance, repairing is the best way. It may be a minor repair to be conducted. The process is to make sure the reload possibility of the minor repair of the ball screw

In a certain case, a minor repair or wear condition is corrected by reloading properly the screw and nut using the oversized ball. It may be different from the emergency or major repair that will be conducted to the ball screws.

Condition Where Need Minor Ball Screw Repairs Service
Actually, the procedure of reloading may be carried out for some certain following conditions. They are as follows:
– Ball screws and the raceways of the nut threads are in good condition at all.
– Its diameter of the thread rood of the ball screw is commonly straight. Alternatively, it requires minimal lapping.
– The thread lead of ball screws should include the tolerance of the machine tool. Commonly, customer approval will be required when the lead is in the condition of out of tolerance.
If those conditions are met, commonly the minor repair service can be conducted or reloaded approximately 6 months of warranty. However, sometimes, the warranty will depend on each industry that offers the service.

Which Repair Service To Be Chosen
In conducting the minor repair, you should also consider the best service industry to ensure that your ball screw will work well again. That is why it is important to pick the right service. Here, what is the best one?

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